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Maharashtra State Championship 2014

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 by ARFAI,


The first ever Maharashtra State Championship organized by the ARFAI took place this year at the Seawoods Estate Ground, Navi Mumbai on the 28th of October. Enough kids had started playing the sport to form ten teams of twelve players each,all aged between 12-16, being coached by the Magic Bus CYL’s under the guidance of Magic Bus Coaches and ARFAI officials. All the players seemed to be very excited about the tournament and not a face was seen without a smile after receiving the colorful team jumpers.

The tournament began with an opening ceremony in which Sudip Chakraborty, the Secretary General of ARFAI and also the Captain of the Indian Tigers, gave an introductory speech welcoming all the players and the guests followed by a performance of the National Anthem by the Magic Bus CYL’s, ARFAI officials and players. Lincoln Harris who has been supporting footy activities in Mumbai since the early 2011 and who is now the Vice President of ARFAI was present at the event along with his brother Rhan Harris, showing their support by umpiring matches and mentoring the teams.

The tournament took off with the first match between Tigers and Cats and both the teams fought bravely for the possession of the ball. There seemed to be room for improvement in the kicking skills of the players but one got to see some very good handballing during the game. The Cats emerged victorious defeating the Tigers by 14 points, who couldn’t put any number on the score board.


Two semi final matches took place between the teams Cats and Crows and Hawks and Eagles. All the teams showed considerable improvement in their game with every match and impressed everyone with their strong and fierce attack on the ball. Cats continued their brilliant performance and defeated Crows to face the other best team, Hawks in the grand final of the tournament.

The Hawks proved to be a tough side for the Cats and they couldn’t break through their defense. The Hawks bagged the winner’s trophy with the final score of the match being Hawks 15 – Cats 8. The prize distribution ceremony was presided over by Sudip Chakraborty with Lincoln and Rhan Harris helping with the distribution of prizes and awarding the trophies. A beautiful day of footy came to an end with all the teams joining in the celebration. The enthusiasm with which the kids played and the energy they brought on the field made it certain that Maharashtra will be seeing many good players and the sport is definitely going to be developed further more in time to come.