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Mumbai tournament 2014- Footy’s Mumbai Madness

Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 by ARFAI,


Many parents would have asked their children to stay inside their home in that hot and humid weather  of 25th and 26th May. But here in Mumbai on the contrary parents encourage them to play Australian Rules Football and also accompany them to the field.  If last year’s tournament was big, humongous is the term which can do justice in explaining this year’s tournament. This year the response was even more breathtaking with somewhere around 140 kids playing the beautiful game of Footy from all over Mumbai.


The tournament witnessed the official participation of girls for the first time in India.  The players were divided into 3 groups Under 10, Under 16 and an open group. The boys participated in all the three age groups whereas the girls played in the Under 16 category only. If girls participation in the tournament was something to be proud of, one should have seen young Raiyyan Sayed kicking the Footy with sheer puissance and aplomb in the Under 10 category who is just 3 and a half years old. People saying only people with well built physique and considerable upper body strength can play this game have been proved wrong by this kid from Nerul, Mumbai.

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